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Evolution of the Best Carpet Vacuum

Evolution of the Best Carpet Vacuum

The quest for clean rugs and carpets started long before the invention of the Vacuum cleaner. Today we are grateful to the inventors of the past 120 years ,that have created today’s Best Carpet Vacuum.

Cleaning Rugs and Carpets ( which were not yet wall to wall as we know today), was always an ordeal. They were carried outside, hung on a line and systematically beaten with a broom to remove dirt. So next time you find Vacuuming to be a chore, think about those poor women with a broom.

The first attempt at carpet cleaning was in the form of a Carpet sweeper invented by Daniel Hess in Iowa. Notably, a similar unit was soon created by Melville Bissell in 1876. His Company later added Vacuum Cleaners to its range of products. Bissell Vacuums still feature in reviews like The Best Vacuum for Carpet | VacuumSeek today.

Cecil Booth Best Carpet VacuumWikipedia says that the first Vacuum Cleaner was invented around 1901 by Cecil Booth. He is pictured here with one of his later variations.

Booth’s first Vacuum was a large machine mounted on a horse drawn carriage. Powered by a Petrol motor.

It could not be taken indoors, but in most ways functioned as later portable units did. Using a fan to suck air through a cloth filter, catching dust in a Bag.

The Quest for the best Carpet Vacuum.

Coffee Makers Accessories

Coffee Scoops & Espresso Tampers

For the professional barista or anyone who takes the art of espresso making seriously, a quality espresso coffee tamper is a must. Coffee measuring spoons always come in handy. New dual size coffee scoops and quality stainless steel versions available.

Coffee Serving & Thermal Containers

Once you achieve the perfect brew, you want to preserve the exquisite coffee flavor and temperature as long as you can. We are proud to offer the finest vacuum insulated thermoses, air pots and thermal carafes from top brands including Nissan Thermos, Avantro, Rotpunkt and Frieling Emsa. Nissan Thermos bottles, vacuum insulated carafes and pump pots feature their industry leading double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation. Plus, visit our Thermos Nissan page for more great Thermos Nissan vacuum insulated products like stainless steel travel tumblers, sports bottles and more. Rotpunkt features designer coffee carafes with colorul and innovative designs with legendary Rotpunkt quality. Avantro vacuum bottles boasts double wall stainless steel vacuum insulation with the popular push button stopper

Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine Cleaning and Maintenance Supplies

When it comes to keeping your coffee maker or espresso machine working in perfect order, we have the supplies you need. Coffee maker cleaners and espresso maker cleaners like Durgol and CleanCaf are important for decalcifying your machine and maintaining like new performance. With the right coffee maker cleaners, your coffee and espresso will continue to brew hot with untainted flavor. We also have water filters, cleaning tablets and more.

Brief History and Types of Coffee Maker

Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing SystemCoffeemakers are the appliances used for brewing coffee. These appliances can be considered as the ones in which coffee can be prepared in easier way. There are many kinds of coffeemakers available in the market that works with various different principles. The general method is that coffee grounds are kept in metal filter or paper within the funnel which can be set on the ceramic coffee pot or glass. Cold water is then poured through another chamber which comes to the appliance through a funnel. This process is also known as automatic – drip brew.

Making Coffee

Making a coffee was a simple process for hundreds of years. As all that needed to do is to take the pot that is designed for brewing coffee and then put the roasted and then grounded coffee beans in it. Then there were so many varieties of pots introduced that can help in making the process of brewing coffee much faster and easier. It was in the year 1710 that infusion brewing was introduced in France. This is the process that involved the submersing of ground coffee and then getting them enclosed within linen bag, in warm water and then let it get infused until you get coffee of adequate strength. There were many other kind of innovations happened in France that were related with the brewing of coffee.

French Press Coffee Makers

Many consumers ask why French press coffee makers are so popular. The reason is the brewing method allows for using hot water, within the recommended range of 195-205 deg F for proper extraction. The coffee grinds are totally submerged in the water for excellent extraction (4 minutes is a good seeping time). The result is a rich, delicious, hot cup of coffee. French coffee presses are also small in size and come in glass and stainless steel thermal models. Stainless models are great for camping, boating and other activities where plugging in an electric coffee maker is not possible. Bodum travel presses are a cross between a mug and a French press coffee maker – perfect for the traveling executive to enjoy delicious coffee when traveling. Beautiful and functional models are available from Bodum, Frieling, Bonjour and Thermos Nissan.

History of Braun Electric Shavers Innovative Technologies

Braun is a German customer products company that is based in Kroberg. From the year 1984 to 2005, Braun became a wholly owned subsidiary by the Gillete Company that had purchased an interest of the Braun company since 1967. Now, Braun became a wholly owned subsidiary by the Procter and Gamble which bought Gillete last 2005. Then on April 16, 2012, the De Longhi purchased perpetual rights to produce Braun branded products from the Procter and Gamble in small appliances segment. But Procter and Gamble will continually own Braun brand. A mechanical engineer named Max Braun is the man responsible for the Braun brand. He established small engineering store in 1921. Then he started producing parts for the radio sets back in 1923. The company had grown to such a degree in 1928. In 1929, Max Braun started to produce entire radio sets and became one of the German’s leading…

Brief History of Electric Shavers

Big named brands are innovating electric shavers to offer great performance and comfort for men and women. Electric shavers can now provide closer shaves without skin irritations and they are more fun and convenient to use. When using electric shavers, you can actually save money in the long run compared to manual razors and you no longer to spend so much of your precious time in shaving. There are 2 types of electric razors, rotary shaver which incorporates rotating blades and the foil shaver that feature linear blades. Electric razors usually no longer need shaving cream, gel, soap or water. Modern electric shavers are now powered using rechargeable batteries for cordless use. Let’s take a look on how electric razors were invented.

The 1st electric shavers were patented in the year 1928 by Col. Jacob Schick, an American manufacturer. The Remington Corporation developed electric shavers further, producing their first razor brand back in 1937. Professor Alexandre Horowitz is also an important inventor of electric shavers. He is from the Philips Laboratories located in Netherlands and he invented the successful concept of rotary electric shavers. That is why Philips Norelco today is unbeatable when it comes to producing the best rotary electric razors. Then major brands introduced new innovative technologies to further improve hair cutting mechanism in their electric shaver products each several years. These manufacturers sell different generations of their innovative cutting mechanism. For each generation there are several electric shaver models which incorporate different features to reach various price points. With each improvements with the cutting mechanisms, previous model generations prices are lowered over time.